Good interior designers are defined by how much they know. Great interior designers are defined by how well they listen. At Wesley-Wayne Interiors, we’re masters at the art of hearing your preferences, and using our talents to translate them into unique, inspired interiors.

Carl Wesley Lowery

Principal Interior Designer

Carl’s philosophy is simple: Make a space stunning but never unapproachable. He works tirelessly to breathe life and energy into empty rooms, and to make interior design a fun, passionate and collaborative process. His ability to clearly communicate abstract ideas allows clients to easily envision the final product and ultimately paves the way for a relationship built on a trust of his creative vision.

Lea Do

Principal Interior Designer

Lea’s exceptional design skills have been honed by managing a variety of high-end projects from conception through implementation. She excels in setting and staying on budget without sacrificing design. Working in multiple styles, Lea is passionate for all things beautiful and her knowledge of sustainable design adds another dimension to the skills she brings to her clients.

Daniel Davila

Senior Interior

Daniel takes a direct approach when it comes to design. He learns what will wow his clients and works relentlessly to help it come to fruition, creating a space to be enjoyed for years to come. He is exceptional at managing the various aspects of a project and has always had an artistic eye for design. Daniel has worked on both commercial and residential projects and believes a great designer can adapt to any style.