Big Projects Call For Big Expertise

Browsing social media, checking out home makeover shows, and visiting your favorite boutiques or showrooms are great starting points for shaping a bold new vision for your home. But if you’re planning an ambitious makeover or new home construction, tapping into the expertise of an established, reputable design firm would be a smart move. Here are four key reasons why:

It’s A Good Investment

“For major projects, a good designer can help you save time and money by appropriately accessing the materials, furnishings and tradespeople you need,” says Carl Wesley Lowery, President and Principal Designer at Wesley-Wayne Interiors. “We ensure your ultimate design goals are considered throughout the building or remodeling process by collaborating with architects and contractors.”

Continuity Is Everything

Homeowners and novice designers may set out to capture their vision in a kitchen, bedroom and family room, for example, only to find that the room designs simply do not work together. “At Wesley-Wayne, our team specializes in ‘whole home’ design,” says Carl. “The top priority is making sure you have a cohesive look that flows from room to room and brings everything together to make a dynamic aesthetic statement.”

Broaden Your Horizons

Executing a design to your initial expectation can lead to results that are, well…expected – and potentially feature dated materials. A talented designer draws upon a lifetime experience of pushing colors, textures, accents and accessories to the next level. This can create a refreshing, progressive interpretation of your vision and lead to unanticipated joys.

“We continually scan the market, showrooms and industry publications to spot the latest trends, styles and innovations,” says Carl. “Most people think of décor and design in terms of what they know or have seen. We expand upon that, bringing ideas and options to our clients they may have never envisioned.”

No Regrets

A new home construction. An existing home renovation. Refreshing to create a more family-friendly or empty-nest environment. Creating a theme for a vacation or weekend property.

Major, six-figure makeovers such as these are not the time for regrets and can be a daunting task alone – or a wonderful adventure with the right designer.

An accomplished designer provides more than just a discerning eye. “We’re masters at the art of hearing your preferences and using our talents to translate them into unique, inspired interiors,” says Carl.

At Wesley-Wayne Interiors, we take a holistic approach to complex interior design projects and help you accomplish the home of your dreams. Through our organized project management, we work to make the process easy, painless and hassle-free. Contact us today for a consultation.