How to make your bed look (and feel) fabulous

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Step one: The bed skirt

The main purpose of a bed skirt is to keep dust from getting underneath your bed. They can add that extra pizazz to more traditional bedrooms, but they aren’t really necessary if you have an upholstered or railed frame.

Step two: The sheets

Well-made linens have a high thread count. Thread count measures how many threads there are per square inch – and the more threads, the more durable the fabric. For softness, cotton is your best bet. Pima, Supima and Egyptian cottons are some of the top contenders. As far as color goes, it’s your choice. A crisp white, however, is a great option if you want to achieve a clean, hotel-like look. Darker colored sheets work well with dark walls and furniture.

Step three: The covers

A popular setup places a thin coverlet immediately above the flat sheet, followed by a fluffy duvet cover. For added weight and warmth, you can place a comforter above the coverlet and fold your duvet at the foot of the mattress.The arrangement depends on how many layers you prefer to sleep with. Top it off with a throw blanket, whether tossed on the corner or neatly folded, for even more interest.

Step four: The pillows

A standard practice is to place the larger pillows in the back and smaller ones in the front. Try putting a couple of Euro shams behind your two king- or queen-sized bed pillows, then follow with two more standard-sized shams. For a simple look, you might top it off with a bolster or two small throw pillows.

Step five: Enjoy!

Good bedding is the cherry on top to any bedroom. It should be inviting, comfortable, attractive and pleasing to you!