4 Design Trends to Look for in 2018

The design world is constantly evolving with new ideas on how to make a space attractive, functional and unique. So, what’s in store for 2018? Our designers reveal some of this year’s most sought-after home trends.

1. Large-scale patterns

From wall coverings and upholstery to rugs and drapery, we’re seeing all sorts of patterns that are back and bigger than ever. Floral and geometric patterns are great examples of oversized patterns that can really add style to a room.

2. Matte or brushed brass

Chrome, stainless steel and nickel are stepping out of the limelight due to a demand for brasses in matte or brushed finishes. The metal adds a pop of color that can emphasize any type of look. Light fixtures, towel rings, drawer handles, accent metals on furniture – there are plentiful opportunities to try out this trend.

3. Luxe materials

Who doesn’t find high-end elegance appealing? Velvet, silk, fur, exotic wood, precious metals and stones radiate sophistication and class. These luxe materials have already made appearances in upholstered seating, accent pillows and throws, tabletop accessories, drapery and furniture.

4. Jewel-toned colors

 This one is big. Rich color hues in jewel tones are preferred when wanting to make a statement without being gaudy. Wall color, upholstery, drapery, decorative accessories – it can be used just about anywhere in any dose.