A penthouse corporate office with style

Our client, Panda Power Funds, had outgrown their old office and relocated to the top two floors of a beautiful high-rise building. The clients/owners are a Texas family who also has a presence in the ranching world. We incorporated their love for ranching into the conference rooms, each of which has its own name (i.e. the Chisholm Trail Room, the Alamo Room, etc.) We also wanted to satisfy the split tastes of the family – traditional and transitional – so we used elements of both styles for an eclectic, attractive and functional space.

Custom-made art is the highlight inside the company’s “Chisholm Trail Room.” We had the artist split the image into four panels that we hung as floating artwork for some dimension in the room. We chose a light-colored patterned carpet to add just a dash of contemporary style without being overbearing.

This reception area blends traditional pieces, like the wood console table and chairs, with transitional accents like the abstract art on and above the console.

 An exotic wood desk and side table, clean-lined modern wingback chairs and a simple color palette make this office masculine and modern.

 This lobby features streamlined wingback chairs paired with a traditional rug.

The red in this traditional rug is amplified in the chairs and glass centerpiece.

 A fabric-bordered mirror adds some Southwestern spice to an empty hallway space.