Get Creative With Coffee Table Style

When it comes to styling a coffee table – there are no rules! Using a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, we use coffee tables to create an interesting focal point of a room. For a spacious living area, we like to choose a taller table and in a smaller room, we’ll select a shorter one. We also consider seating options when it’s time to choose between a square or round table.

For the tabletop décor on a large coffee table, we often divide it in quadrants and arrange each section individually. But for many tables, one grouping in the center or to one side is often enough.

We select objects that attract and enhance the natural light in the room such as colorful glass vases or sparkling crystal geodes. Flowers always add a warm touch to a coffee table display. And for a final touch, we’ll add a coffee table book on art, travel, or architecture to spark conversation.