Helpful Tips for Adding Art

Incorporating art into your home does not have to be intimidating. Here are four tips to choose the right art for every room:

1. Choose the right scale.

Consider the scale of the room and the furnishings around where you plan to hang art and decide what size piece will fit with the room. And don’t be afraid to make a statement with art in your home. Even small rooms can often accommodate a large piece of art. When in doubt, go big!

2. Consider color and energy.

Do you want the art as a backdrop or a focal point? Using a bright piece of art in a room will add energy, while a more subdued color palette will infuse a room with a sense of calmness. Living and dining rooms come alive with vibrant pieces of art, while more demure pieces fit better in bedrooms.

3. Pick a presentation.

Depending on the design of your room, consider how you’ll showcase the art: framed, unframed, canvas, photographed or even 3-dimensional pieces.

4. Always make it personal.

Regardless of the design of a room, we think that including art that you truly love will always be the right choice. Have confidence that a piece of art you love will always find a place in your home.

Art is more than just décor, it allows you to express yourself throughout your home. Start with one piece you can’t live without and build from there.