New Life for a Texas Lake House

When a couple from Palo Alto, California approached Wesley-Wayne Interiors to remodel their recently purchased second home, we were excited for the challenge of refreshing the home beautifully situated on a lake in Flint, Texas.

The home was dark and did not take advantage of the gorgeous views of the lake all around it. We added simple drapery to enhance the views and with new flooring, paint, designer lighting carefully selected for each room, and new furnishings throughout, the transformation of this second home took shape. The final result was a warm, beautiful and restful lake house retreat for this busy California couple to enjoy.

Soft linens, light colors, with touches of a beautiful “lakey” blue really make this master feel like a restful resort.

Throughout the home we mixed the lighting fixtures to add an elegant, cozy and welcoming feel throughout.

Soft drapery fabrics hanging just in front of the woven wood shades, help to control light while softening hard surfaces.