Say Yes to Color: New Hues Brought This Contemporary Home to Life.

When Carl Lowery, president and owner of Wesley-Wayne Interiors, first walked into his new client’s stunning dream home, he knew why they called him. “The home was beautifully laid out, but the color palette was very neutral. Our client is such a fun family and they love color. The vibrancy was just missing,” said Carl.

Having recognized that their home was not reflecting their family, the client had sought inspiration on Houzz where they discovered Wesley-Wayne Interior’s bright and contemporary designs. A superb collaboration was born.

A hallmark of Wesley-Wayne’s approach is their skill at asking questions and listening carefully. Lowery said, “We like to know the use of each space. Who hangs out in the family room? Do they watch TV? How many people come for dinner? What are some favorite and least favorite colors? How old are the children?” These kinds of questions really informed the decisions as the design plan came to life. Nathan Hejl, interior designer added, “Our client trusted us but also had specific likes which resulted in our ability to create a very unique and personal vision for her home.”

In this living room, Lowery and Hejl wanted to provide beautiful functionality – a space where kids and adults can both feel at home. A playful color scheme of rich reds and turquoise made each piece feel fun and luxurious.

In the kitchen, neutral light blue cabinets and white tile were set off with pops of color and unique pieces. The acrylic ghost chairs added to the island dining space gave the area a strong personality. To provide continuity in the space, the same brightly patterned drapery was used in both the kitchen and the living room.

The dining room is the first room off the front door. The designers felt like it needed to make a dramatic statement.In the dining room, Lowery and Hejl incorporated some of the owner’s art, along with some new pieces to play off of a bright yellow wall, modern drapes, and a traditional carpet. The effect is a room that is interesting without being overstated.

Before Wesley-Wayne worked their magic, the master bedroom lacked personality. The client wanted a dramatic back wall for the bed and metallic wallpaper made the perfect backdrop. Continuing it on the ceiling gave it even more impact. A color palette of soothing blue tones for the rug, drapery, and accent pillows create a calming and peaceful retreat.What was once a monotone and unadorned residence is now a beautifully designed, vibrant family home. Saying yes to color, and to the vision of Wesley-Wayne’s designers, brought this home to life.